Casa Luciano, opened its doors in 1986 and it has since earned the reputation as one of the most prestigious restaurants in the area.

Tradition and modernity. Chef Luciano Gamez prepares and cooks succulent, locally reared meats to perfection in the traditional Andalusian open log fire oven. Chef Carmen Gamez specializes in the elaborate methods of authentic traditional Andalusian cooking. Casa Luciano also offers an additional array of modern and creative cuisine inspired by the fusion and combination of flavours and textures. Tradition and modernity coming together to dazzle your senses...

The restaurant itself is very well appointed with a warm, traditional ambience which complements perfectly the fine Andalusian flair on offer. There are two main dining rooms, both of which can easily be adapted for private meetings, business lunches or informal ceremonies.

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:: T-bone steak

T-bone steak cut from the beef of locally reared cows from Sierra de Cazorla and cooked in an open holm-oak wood fire.

:: Barbecue Selection

A selection of quality locally produced meats (beef, lamb, chicken, pork and rabbit) and succulent home grown vegetables, cooked in an open coal fire.

:: Wild Meat

Deer sirloin prepared with rosemary honey and nuts.

:: Lamb Shoulder

Tender shoulder of lamb with specially selected aromatic herbs from Sierra de Cazorla, cooked in an open log fire.

:: Cazorlan Trout

Trout bred in Cazorla’s wild mountain range. Cooked with brandy and served with a delicious almond sauce.

:: Duck Magret

Served with Oporto wine, sultanas and chestnut sauce.